Adrian , 29 Jun 2015

I was thinking of the sale of my investment unit at Herbert St Summer Hill and at that time, Progress Real Estate was managing my unit. I was happy with the management and so with the subsequent sale of my unit by Florance Wong.

The sale was by auction with a 4 week's campaign. I was happy with the sale process with constant updates from Florance. In the second week, a young couple made an offer prior to auction and I accepted but the deal did not proceed as they had an issue with the strata report. In the third week, another couple made an offer to purchase and this time it was really crucial time to decide whether or not I should proceed with the auction. Florance has managed to encourage the exchange of the contracts successfully 4 days prior to the auction day.

I found the whole sale process challenging and at times, anxious but with Florance's determination and patience in getting all parties including the solicitors to effect the exchange and settlement of this property made me feel comfortable and able to place my trust in Florance to obtain all the necessary documents prior to the auction date so that the auction can be cancelled.

I did not wish to go through an auction with all the neighbours coming through my property so sale prior to auction was my preferred route which Florance and her team at Progress Real Estate was able to deliver on time  i.e. within the 4 weeks campaign. In this active market an agent can do just enough but Florance makes sure that nothing is left to chance. The result is amazing!

I have no hesitation to tell anyone that I have dealt with the best in getting the maximum sale results with Progress Real Estate. In fact I am currently considering buying another investment property and will get Progress Real Estate to manage the property too.